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Thursday, March 19, 2020

What is coronavirus and its symptoms and prevention | covid -19

What is coronavirus and its symptoms and prevention

Coronavirus has become the most popular deadly virus of today.  The virus originated from China's sea food market has killed 3200 people so far.  New cases of infected people suffering from Coronavirus are coming up every day.  So far, 94,000 people have been infected with Coronavirus.  Chin is mainly infected by this virus.  Apart from this, 70 countries of the world have become more infected.

 It has reached 70 countries in the world, originating from Virus China and now daily cases of people suffering from Coronavirus are coming from new countries.  Japan Thailand South Korea Iran Italy The virus is spreading very fast.  A person returned from China is also being investigated in Austrilia.  This Virus has become very popular all over the world.  The arrival of foreign tourists in China is banned.  Apart from this, other countries have also banned their countries to go to China.  The International Health Group has issued an emergency.

 What is coronavirus

 It is a large group of viruses.  Which was commonly found in animals.  But eating meat of animals got into the body of the people and this virus has become so rapid throughout the world that people are now tired of stopping its infection.  This virus has become a challenge for doctors.

 According to America's Center of Disease Control and Prevetation, Coronavirus can easily reach humans from animals and this has happened in China.  This virus has spread all over the world from China.  Now the virus spread from China has spread to thousands of people.  This virus enters the body mainly while breathing and infects the body.

 The virus in the meat market of Wuhan in China has become dangerous for the whole world.  According to scientists, this virus is deadly and this virus has also killed 3200 people.  The amazing thing in that.  The death rate of infected people is 10%.  This means that as many people are infected with this virus.

 10% of those deaths are confirmed.  This Coronavirus, originated from China's meat market in Wuhan, has declared a state of emergency in the whole world.  The whole world is troubled by this virus and even doctors have not yet found any proper treatment for it.

 Guidelines are being given by the International World Health Organization and doctors to avoid this and talk of keeping distance from people.  So far no vaksin vaccine has been prepared to deal with this virus.  Efforts are being made by doctors to avoid this virus only.

 Symptoms of coronavirus

 Individuals who are infected with the corona virus.  The person is usually infected with the respiratory system and has trouble breathing. A person infected with coronavirus also has symptoms such as a cold, and a runny nose is also a symptom.  A sore throat and cough also occur. After getting infected with this virus, a person sometimes gets symptoms like headache, fever etc.  After being born, the person feels exhausted and there is lethargy in the body. The virus is spreading rapidly in people who do not have strong immune system.  Generally, this virus is spreading rapidly in the elderly and children.

 Coronavirus is of two types

 There are mainly two types of coronavirus.

 MERS Coronavirus and SARS Coronavirus

 Both these types of Coronavirus infect the body in different ways. MERS corona virus is a no virus.  Which together with the arrival of the body produces am protin.  And this is called infection in the body.

 SARS Coronavirus is a direct infection with dna.  But the symptoms are much more severe.  3-4 out of every 10 patients infected with MERS died.  This means that the MERS corona virus is much more dangerous.  And this corona virus has proved to be more deadly than SARS.

 Coronavirus is thus spreading

 The corona virus is found predominantly in wild animals and now the corona virus has reached humans from Wuhan Meat Market in China.  The corona virus can spread in humans in many ways as well.

 The corona virus is spreading very fast by coming into contact with each other.  Such as: - Shaking hands, hugs, etc. According to the World Health Organization, scientists have discovered that MERS corona virus is mainly found in camels and has passed from the camels to humans.  Or it can also run during snuff and peeches. Corona virus can also spread by touching an infected person or eating food with an infected person.  Na virus can also spread by using the bed and towel of an infected person.

 Rescue from coronavirus

 No specific rescue of the corona virus has yet been detected by doctors.  But after finding out its symptoms, contact the doctor immediately and take appropriate treatment so that the virus does not spread further. According to the guidelines given by the doctor, patients should drink more water and fluids. After getting infected with this virus, people should  Should be relaxed and should not come in much interaction and contact with other people so that this infection can be prevented from moving forward.  No doctor to avoid virus and scientists are working on new tests and are trying to search and rescue vaccine corona virus.  The vaccine-making test is underway to protect against the MERS virus. Neither interact or shake hands with an infected person who has not come in contact with any infected person. When washing your hands with soap properly,  Wash hands on both sides with soap. Put a handkerchief on your mouth and nose while coughing and while peeling.

 Final thoughts

 So friends, now you have come to know what is Coronavirus, and how to prevent and prevent its symptoms, I hope that you would have liked to know, this post related if you have any question in mind, you can comment here...

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